Noa’s Train Rail Freight Forward

Noah’s Train, the ambassador of the Rail Freight Forward coalition, is the longest mobile artwork and is inspired by the oldest history of environmental protection, Noah’s Ark.

Noah’s Train draws attention to the coalition’s goal of shifting 30% of freight to rail by 2030 – because rail freight is the only possibility to combine economic growth with climate goals!

Noah’s Train left on 14 of December, 2018 in Katowice, Poland. Via Vienna, Berlin and Paris it travelled to Brussels, Rome, Leipzig, Munich, Luxembourg, Riga and finally to Madrid. Its next stop will be the COP25 in Madrid.

In each city, two containers of the train were beautifully designed by local streetart-artists, in order to finally transform the train into the longest mobile artwork to protect the climate.

After the campaign, the designed containers will be put to operational use on rail – for the most climate friendly way to transport goods and merchandise.