Empathy series was made for Gerhardt Braun Gallery. Mallorca 2018.

Mixed media and collage over wood, with epoxy finish.


Empathy is de ned as the affective participation of a person to some- thing that they are removed from. It is the ability to understand the feelings or mental states of someone other than oneself. More than just understanding, empathy is feeling as if it was yourself. That is precisely what I want to experience with Empathy and Distortion; to know the reality of other artists  in this case, photographers  and to (re) live it as my own. The awareness of others’ work, is a creative avenue to enli- ghten both myself and my art. Photography is a creative eld that has been hitherto foreign to my creative process, but by embracing it as part of my repertoire, I will allow two realities to empathise with each other in the same medium. Through the action of intervention, I will explore the dual concept of distortion, understood as the alteration of form through a speci c system. By employing a different creation system photography altered through collage and painting the images are coalesced into the painting, gradually distorted with layers of brushstrokes. The paint and spray are then mixed with clippings of images captured from reality, merging them onto the same plane. It becomes a process of progressive understanding, effecting a new state of coexistence and mutual comprehension.